Too many sets of interchangeable?

I have, um, three sets of interchangeable needles:

Addiclicks (had those since 2010.)
KP nickle and the zephyr plastic ones

(This does not include my numerous straights, dozens of bamboo dpns from ebay or my set of KP sock needles!)

I’m eyeballing the Denise needles now. Me like colour!

Too much? .:open_mouth:

Only you can decide.

Well, that’s probably what I have and I use them all. However, with those other three I wouldn’t bother. I don’t like Denise myself and never use mine. :shrug:

Can you tell me why you dislike Denise, please? :slight_smile:

I can’t tell you why Jan doesn’t like Denise, but I can tell you why I don’t. The tips seem too blunt and are hard to work with; the stitches drag on the needles thanks to the resin of which they’re made; the cables are fat and inflexible - forget magic loop - and I’ve had them break; the smaller size tips are too close to the size of the cables and it makes moving the stitches even more difficult. To me they’re sort of like using fat kindergarten crayons. They were OK when I first learned to knit, they were my first set, but soon I was ready for big girl needles. [I]Denise customer service was fantastic[/I], they sent replacement pieces without any hassle but the needles were still a problem in the end. I got Knit Picks Options Sunstruck and :heart: :heart: :heart: them! I don’t need another set because I need different needles, I want another set so I have [I]more[/I] needles! Having two projects going with the same size needles and not needing to move the tips from one cable to another would be handy.

Some people love Denise needles and I’m sure they have excellent reasons. It’s a matter of personal preference. I expect those who really love Denise are very loose knitters and don’t notice the things I did. I’ve loosened up but even so, having used really flexible cables, I couldn’t be happy with stiffer cables and blunter tips again.

I never had them break, but I did have problems with the cables. The flexibility is fine for flat knitting, but in IMO ML is difficult. I prefer the small cables of KP, Hiya Hiya and the like. Also didn’t care for resin.

All that said though there ARE people who do like them.

I have denise interchangeables. I am a new knitter. I like them somewhat but I feel like they were a waste of money. I really wish I would have been able to try them before buying them. I am gonna go with KP’s and see if I like them better.

I’ve been looking at interchangeables this week and I have to admit that I didn’t like the look of the Denise ones. My first thoughts were that they look fat and stubby, my second thought was that being resin they must be draggy against the yarn and I want something smooth. I think I’ve decided on Knit Picks Options Sunstruck, so I’m glad to read a good review from GG.

Just so you know, Brenda… Sunstruck and the Harmony are the same thing in different colors. Both are laminated birch. So choice is yours regarding color. :thumbsup:

Yeah I thought they were the same. My new KP straight needles that I’m knitting with right now are the Harmony and as the Malabrigo wool is quite dark purple in places I’ve struggled a bit, depending on the light conditions, with the dark wool against the dark needles. So I thought the light coloured needles will be much better for all round knitting projects.

I agree. I mostly use my nickel plated, but I have some of both harmony and sunstruck and like them.

The light color was why I went with the Sunstrucks. So far I’ve not had a problem with seeing any color yarn against them.

We’ve been selling Denise interchangeable sets in our store for the past 8 years or so. They have changed a bit during that time. I know early on they had rougher needles and occasional seams. But these days, the needles are very smooth. The smaller sizes that make up the right side of the case are glossy in appearance. They will never be as smooth as metal, but they are certainly smoother than bamboo. The tips are a bit blunter than say KnitPicks, but no blunter than KA, Clover, or ChiaoGoo wood or bamboo needles. I knit continental style and don’t feel the blunter tips slow me down. I find with the KP needles, my finger tip gets sore after a while.

The cable themselves, while thicker, are remarkably flexible in our opinion. Amy likes the set because this is the only set (that we are aware of) in which you can create a 17-inch needle and comfortably knit from it. 17-inch being a very convenient size for knitting many common items such as hats. The thickness of the cables would be a challenge with magic loop knitting, where a thinner cable would be an advantage.

Amy and I both knit a fair amount on Denise needles. I have a Denise2Go kit which I really enjoy using. I’m sure we have sold over 1000 sets and I can count on one hand the number of returns we have had. So I know there are fans out there. But these days there are also a lot of choices and each appeal to people in different ways. It’s all really a matter of preference and what you like.

On important reason we choose to carry Denise needles is that they are the only manufactured interchangeable needles that are made completely in the USA. Everything else is made in India or China. The Denise company is a wonderful family run business located in Virginia and always a pleasure to talk to and very accommodating. We feel good supporting them.

Ditto that! I like the tips of the Denise needles, and I like how quiet they are.

Ditto that! I never had an issue with the flexibility of the Denise cables. And in addition to that, I love how they attach to the needle tips. Very very easy…and no coming apart as you knit!

I will second that as well!

I have to confess, whereas I mostly use Addis, KP’s and Signature Needles…I haven’t given up on my Denise set. There are many times when all the others aren’t quite[B] it. [/B]

I’m a speed knitter, so for obvious reasons, metal is quicker for me…but speed isn’t everything.

I have Crystal Palace bamboo set-circs, and a few miscellaneous wood set-circs…and I use them as well, when the occasion calls for it.

My Denise set is the original light grey tips with dark blue cords. It still have a place of honor in my knitting needles arsenal.

Sheldon…happy to hear that Denise has made improvements…but honestly…my set needs no improvement.

Made in USA = awesome!

I’m intrigued again. Rut roh.

I have a couple of sets of Denise needles as well as Knitpicks and a bunch of assorted needles. I enjoy using the Denise for worsted weight yarn and bigger. There, the cable is actually an advantage. I also think the needles are easier on the hands. I would not use them for lace or for magic loop, but on the other hand I prefer them over the smaller cable sets for bigger yarn.

I’d have to say that just as there’s no such thing as too much yarn, there’s no such thing as too many needles.:inlove:

I have two sets of Denise needles, and love them. I also have a set of Boye interchangeables, and use them if the pattern calls for a needle size which is not part of my Denise sets. I prefer the Denise needles, though, because I have arthritis, and the Denise needles are very easy for me to put together.

I also use plenty of straights and dpns and fixed circular needles. I have all kinds, and usually try about 3 or 4 different kinds with each new yarn I work with. Yarns are so varied, and they require different kinds of needles when knitting with them.

So, I think you should just enjoy buying all the needles you want!

It occurred to me that I don’t get manicures or go to hair salons. Heck, I don’t wear makeup, either. Also, my husband has 235534543323 tools, some for cycling. Tools are useful, right? :rofl:

Kinda like how when my mom quit smoking, she had more $ to buy craft stuff. :slight_smile:

Exactly! My DH does ceramics, sails, woodworking, etc. He knows the importance of tools and rarely says anything when I ask. :teehee: I think you should get whatever type of needle you want. There does seem to be a market for all of them even ones I don’t care for myself so you may love them.

Don’t forget that KH has Denise and soon the Webs ones so support them if you can.