Too Many Patterns....Not Enough Time!

I’ve been so good for so long! I mean, at first, yeah, I bought a couple of skeins here and there and built up a little stash. Then, finally, I got to the point of understanding more about yarn and patterns, etc., and begin to buy with purpose, only getting what I needed for a particular project, and trying to find little projects for my beginner yarn purchases.

But now…I’ve got a scarf on the needles, a pair of socks on the needles, a few projects hibernating, enough sock yarn for about 10 more pairs of socks, just bought the yarn for my first sweater…and have to exercise so much control over clicking on ads and buying up yarn for patterns in the magazines and catalogs that keep coming to my house!!! If only I had more time!!!

Really, I thought I was above this. I know our budget is fairly tight. I know I don’t have much space. Heaven knows I don’t have as much knitting time this year as I have in the past. I thought I was a mature, sensible, well-balanced woman! But now, I’m having trouble figuring out if feeding the kids or buying yarn is the top priority. I guess even if they get too thin, at least they can have warm socks!:teehee:

I guess that’s it…I would ask for advice, but I’m sure there’s no point in asking any of y’all what to do to get over this, is there???:knitting:

Haaa and it you knit them a good jumper no one will see how thin they are getting.

Seriously - I hear you. I have just disovered my other SIL is also expecting again (I am currently making a baby banket for her sister) and my second thought after how delighted I was at the prospect of a new baby in the family was “ooh lovely, I can by some new yarn and knit her something too”. It is addictive. No arguments and very easy to buy on line.

Maybe we need a board here for Knitters Anonymous?


Actually, it seems like they tried that once and no one signed up! :teehee:

Good thought on the sweater/jumper though—and more excuse for more yarn! :wink:

I am so there…to many things in cue…so many things pushing other items to the back of the que…sigh

Oh yeah… we all get there eventually! I’m a pattern addict, too. Honestly I keep printing them out or buying them. I need to live to be 150 to make a dent and that’s if I stop buying now!!

I’m a terrible pattern hoarder, myself. I have tons of freebies, books, downloaded patterns! I’m not a real stash hound but I love those patterns. Jan, shall we make a pact to live to 150 so we can try them all??

Ain’t dat de truf! It’s horrible - really - horrible. My stash is disgusting. And still when I go to do a specific project I usually don’t have exactly what I need and have to go buy more … OR … I fall in love with a yarn and have very good intentions for it but other things get in the way and it just sits there moping.

It all started very innocently. A LOT of my stash was purchased on sale just because it was on sale and I loved it. Another good portion is leftovers from previous projects (cuz you have to buy more than you need so you won’t run out, right?). Some of it was given to me by my MIL and the rest I honestly just bought b/c I had to have it. If I knit every day for the next 3 - 5 years and didn’t buy 1 yard of yarn, I may use up what I already have. Don’t get me wrong - I love my stash. I’ve worked very hard to acquire the stash I have. LOL It’s an awesome feeling when I go “shopping” in my own stash and come up with something for a gift. I guess it’s just part of the process for the majority of us. I work on it but I suspect it’s not going to completely go away any time soon.

Still, like many of you, I continue to print off patterns, buy patterns and magazines and make my long list of projects I really, really want to make. Just not enough time to do everything.

I am with you! But I have knitting, crochet and sewing patterns and more in my collection. My todo list will keep me busy if I live for a long time, lol!!!

This is my new problem…sometime between last year and this…I have been slowly turned into a yarn snob sigh…so I have a few projects I have yarn for…that now I want to go and rebuy because it just doesn’t meet my new standards anymore…

Yup, been there too. Most of the yarn I know I’ll never use (now) I’ve donated or given away. Earlier this year I donated a kitchen trash bag full of yarn I knew I would never use … haven’t missed it one bit. Could probably go through and do the same thing again. I don’t know why it’s so hard to let go of it! LOL

I’m with you both here! We just moved and I WILL GO THROUGH MY STASH and donate the excess yarn I know I will never use. Then I will have room to “upgrade” my stash :teehee:

Don’t even get me started on the amount of patterns I have printed off! I tried organizing them last fall but got overwhelmed and the pile has only grown and grown!

Ooo pattern management! I just bought a small, 2 drawer file cabinet and had my husband paint it black to match the rest of the office furniture. Now I have two file drawers and can keep my purchased patterns and free patterns nicely organized.

I think eventually that I’m going to have to get a storage drive JUST to store all the knitting pdf’s…

:lol: I print them as well as keep them on the computer. That way I have a hard copy if the computer crashes.

I have three 3-ring binders with dividers that I store my printed patterns in - inside page protectors. It’s really helped me keep those patterns organized. I started off with only one … quickly added the 2nd one and am now filling the 3rd one up. :slight_smile:

Yeah me too…for everything ,the stash is taking over,but my real problem is that I also quilt…so a quilting cotton stash,and I sew my own clothes…so a fashion fabric stash…and a few crosstitch supplies,not a stash yet thank goodness.
But,I don’t smoke,don’t drink,don’t run around…Hmmm maybe that would be cheaper!!!

Me too - I don’t sew (yet) but I stamp and scrapbook and bead and read and am into photography. Always something to spend my money on. UGH!