Too many cast-on stitches for Hat

Please Help! I am knitting this hat pattern:

I completed the 8 inches, and was ready to start decreasing, when I counted my stitches and realized there are 61 instead of 60. :doh:

Now if I stick to the pattern’s decreases, it won’t work out for 61 stitches. Anyone know how to solve this problem without unraveling the whole hat?

Thank you!!

Do a k2tog at the end of the last round you did, then start the decrease rounds.

Don’t worry! That’s one great thing about knitting - there are usually fairly simple fixes for problems like this. Just knit 2 together at the end of the last row before you begin your decreases. You’ll most likely never even notice it when you’re done. Congrats on getting your hat done!:thumbsup: