Too late to fix dropped stitch


I finished the sleeves on my sweater and as I was looking over the finished work noticed i dropped a stitch. It had only rippled down two or three rows so I can fix that part with the crochet hook, but what do I do after that to sew it down or something so it won’t unravel again?


You can use your crochet hook to work the dropped stitch up as many rows as you can without pulling it too tightly. Then on the wrong side, pull a piece of matching yarn through the stitch and work the ends in to secure it. I recently did this on a pair of socks, worked like a charm.

What I’ve done is put a piece of matching yarn through the loop and the weave it in really well.

What they said. And if it’s only 2-3 rows, you can probably put it on the needle. Work your current row till you’re over the spot it should be (or take back the last row - whichever is closest) and you might be able to bring it up to the needle.

I think they were finished sleeves so they’d probably been bound off, Sue.

I missed that part, but still, the BO could be taken back to where the drop st was.

Thank you everyone! I’m so glad I won’t have to rip back to the mistake, it would have been a huge headache! It was bound off, and about two inches of garter stitch and five inches to get to the dropped stitch,ug! I’ll have to pay closer attention next time. I’ll try your methods here, thanks a mil!