Too large hat

I made a hat for my boyfriend and it is slightly too large. This makes the ear flaps be in the wrong place. If we fold some of the hat over in the back it fits perfectly. What would you do about this? I am tempted to open up the seam in the back, fold over the too big parts and reseam it, except that it has a blanket stitch border.

You can see pictures of it blocking here:

Could I try just shrinking it overall with some mild heat? It’s 100% wool however, so there is the felting issue.

How are you going to shrink only the back of it without shrinking the rest of it? I think reseaming makes the most sense, just re-do the blanket stitch border.


You could try using your swatch for shrinking experiments.

That’s a really pretty hat!

Thank you, glad you like it!! It was my first hat…

I used Lambs Pride Worsted in Blue Boy and Brown Bear if you like it. As soon as I get this fixed I am casting on for matching mittens like these but with the first few rows in the Brown Bear color so they look like these with the brown border

Thank you for the suggestions as well.

I think I will end up going with the sewing under the extra flaps with some of the yarn, right where the seam will be. I don’t want to risk the felting because everyone keeps saying that Lambs Pride felts up so nicely!

Wow that was your first hat??? That’s not an easy one. I like it so much, esp that colour and it’s so nice and clean looking, the design.
I checked those mittens out. That is a great pattern. It’s funny and they would be useful to. Did you see the thingys I created for my DH?
I’ll put a pic here, hope you don’t mind. I called them M’Loves.
Like for M’Love my love… Somebody already used Glittens.
I think I might make those mittens too!