Too hot to knit

It was 103 degrees in Portland Oregon today. Whew!!! I did do a little knitting in my airconditioned class but now that I’m home I don’t want to move. Anyone else having a heatwave??

The whole west coast is hot I think. It was about 100 in Sacramento where my daughter is and it was about 95 and humid here. Ugh. No a/c for me either so I didn’t do too much knitting. I finished a hat though. It’s unusual for sure for you guys to get so hot!!

YES! About 105 here in Sacramento area. UGH…too hot!

i find it best to do small projects like hats and socks, nothing heavy that sits on my lap

i am in los angeles and it is HOT HOT HOT here

It was exceptionally hot in the Seattle area as well… we’re still trying to cool off and it’s nearly 2am.
I have been knitting today, but just very small items… a little hat, but absolutely NOTHING that has to touch me! lol

I hope you all make it through the heat wave!

Try knitting with ribbon yarns and cotton!

Too hot to knit? Time to get to those A/C yarn shops and gaze around.

It was right around 100 down here in Eugene too… blech! I worrked on my sweater for a little while, but not for too long. I’m going to get my eyes checked today, I should just leave home early and find an AC space to knit in!

89 outside in Seattle yesterday (and 83 in our non-air-conditioned house) doesn’t compare with some of your situations but was plenty hot for me! I worked on a small project (wrist warmer/supporter) and my soft acrylic ribbon yarn top. The wool wrist warmer was actually nicer to work on since it wasn’t sitting on my lap!

Considering the weather report is more of the same hot weather for a while, I think they will be getting a lot more work in the coming days. :wink:

And I thought it was hot here. Yikes. I’m knitting small projects like socks & bags now; may do a halter top soon. I’m saving sweater-knitting for the fall.

It’s always that hot here in the summer, but right now it’s not too bad at all. We have cloudy skies, rain, with periods of sunshine. It’s in the 70’s, so it’s nice now.

But, when August and September comes around, it will be miserable. I usually stay inside, unless I have to go somewhere. All it takes is a walk to the mailbox to get completely soaked in sweat.

I do my knitting at night, so it’s always comfortable then.

I’ve become a cave dweller which is what you have to do when there is no a/c. I open the house and blast the fans early while the temp is still cooler outside. Then when it evens out I close up windows and blinds and turn out as many lights as I can. I’m amazed at the heat output of lightbulbs, especially halogen! The computer gets hot as well, but I’m not crazy. :lol: Anyway I watch the indoor/outdoor ratio and when it gets close again, usually about 4-5pm I open up and blast the fans till bedtime. It’s the only way to survive w/o a/c when it’s like this. Thank goodness this humidity is rare for us. :rollseyes:

It’s 85 degrees with a light breeze here in Central Maine. I was just outside on my lunch break and now I’m wishing I could be sitting at the pool right now instead of back at work.

Wow it sounds like it is blazing hot for you guys at the moment! :shock: I think if I was with you, I would have wilted :oops: :lol:

Here in England it is a typical summer’s day - rainy and cool :lol: But the good thing is it means I have an excuse to stay in, put some music on, and do some knitting :XX:

Here on the Oregon Coast the weather is typical. Nice and sunny, not too warm, but windy. Especially in town. I live four miles inland and it’s a little warmer and less windy. Our house has two levels. I live in the lower level (basement). I never get overheated down there. Now upstairs that’s a completely different. Thank goodness for A/C.

Yup, that’s exactly what it’s like here. I went to my parents’ house over the weekend and it was 96 degrees IN THE SHADE!

So glad I don’t live as far inland as they do.