Too Grippy Needles


Last week I bought some aluminum DPNs. When looking at them in the store, they looked like smooth anodized aluminum so I bought 3 packs (in different sizes). When I got home and begun knitting with them I got really disappointed. They do not have any glide at all.

Has anyone successfully modified the surface of too grippy aluminum needles?


For metal needles, I apply talcum powder and that seems to help. For wood needles, I apply a coat or two of shellac. Seems to help, too.


I don’t think there is a permanent solution. If you decide to get different ones I suggest nickel plated. I find them nice and smooth and not sticky.


I do not even know where I could find talcum powder, but I did another experIment. I have at home some bees wax. I rubbed them with some bees wax and then a smooth cloth. Now they have some kind of acceptable glide.

I want to avoid nickel as I had an allergic reaction to my wedding ring, but today I found out that Knitter’s Pride got chrome plated brass needles. Those I would want, if I just could find a good European supplier. With duties and taxes and expensive shipping, it would cost too much to order from the US.


I have had the sticky needle problem with new needles and found that some need to be washed with soap and water because they have a residue of machining oil on them. If they have burrs I use 000 steel wool to buff them and polish with a clean cloth. Also, you can use baby powder or even corn starch instead of talcum.


I was surprised at this too. I took them back to the store and told them aluminum is supposed to be slippery; that’s why I bought aluminum.


Talc, baby powder, foot powder…possibilities. I also find that certain needles/yarn don’t make a good marriage, too…so, I fiddle with the possibilities…but, I own 2,000 needles, too. Yup, 2,000. Probably 750 hooks; Yup, yup! ((: