Too few stitches! HELP!

I’m trying to knit a flower using this pattern:

however I’m ending up with too few stitches at the end of each row.

I’m a new knitter, and confess to jumping into projects and learning on the job…
Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?
At the cast off instruction, I’m literally casting off the stitches as I would at the end of a project.

Thanks in advance!


HOw many stitches are you using per repeat of the (bind off 3, k2). I bet you use 5, which was what I would have used, but to make this work you need to use six per repeat.

I would have written the first row as:

k1 (k1, bind off three, k2) repeat until last stitch, k1

98 (original cast on ) - 2 (beginning and ending stitch) = 96
96 divided by 6 stitches per repeat = 16
16 x 3 stitches bound off per repeat = 48

98 - 48 = 50 which is what you should have.

Perfect! That makes sense now…

Thanks x