Too Expensive?

My lovely husband, who is so supporting of everything I do, esspecially knitting, says that the knitone bags are too expensive.


I want a nice knitting bag that is stylish and can hold my daily things as well, such as cellphone, ipod, keys… and I really wanted a knitone bag. :tap:



Start looking at the really expensive bags…and then remind him that the KnitOne bags are ONLY $68.

I think you’ll find that a lot of the nicer knitting bags cost that much. For instance the Jordanna Paige knitter’s Satchel is $89!!

I have the everyday bay by Namaste Needles and I love it.
It’s kinda big, and very vintage looking. A friend’s husband says it looks like a bag a grandma would carry. :teehee:

Sorry about the hubby. Maybe for Valentine’s??

Here’s what I use…

Are there any on ebay?

I talked hubby into a Jordanna Paige bag for Mothers Day last year with a “don’t you love me??!” Of course, after I bought it, Knitpicks came out with their Knit In Public bags (KIP) that really look nice…I could buy a new knitting bag every month (if I had the $$ that is :pout: )!! I do love my JP messenger bag – it is pink and black checks – but it is pretty large for everyday stuff. One of my favorite containers for a small project (like a sock) is these clear plastic containers that have a handle and a snap lid you can thread the yarn through that I got at Walmart. They keep my yarn clean and dry when I’m camping or at the pool, and they come in 2 sizes. Not stylish, but very useful :slight_smile:

Ahh – just found a link for the “yarntainer” –

Ahhh…I feel better now. I bought some hand-painted yarn. Sigh

LoAnnie :happydance:

Start carrying your knitting around in public in this:

I mean everywhere: to work, to your place of worship, and to the store.

:rofl: :roflhard:

I’m w/ you auburnchick–I use a vera bradley tote too–although mine is the java blue pattern. It’s starting to look a little worn so I might have to start searching for something else…


I HAD TO COPY IT EVEN. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

One of the best things to do is (if you buy cosmetics) go and get those big bags Lancome and Loreal give you (sometimes they’re a little extra) when you make a purchase and use those. I have two huge ones, a big summery orange canvas one and a new brown & white straw one…very pretty and free or not much money.

P.S. It reminds me of what I keep my dpns and short wooden needles in:

Looks like a paper bag but it’s a hard vase actually.

I like the paper bag idea, but I’d just have to use a Wal-mart bag to embarass him. I have a bag I knitted, but as it’s not lined (I guess I could line it), it stretches out of shape and my needles poke out the sides, when I put a project in it. And I’m a little embarassed of it, since it was my first project ever. Thanks for the good ideas. I may have to wait awhile for the bag I want though.


and I love it! I got the black one and it fits a couple of scarves, socks, some patterns, etc. It is the perfect size. I didn’t ask DH if I could get it, I bought it and took it home. It was laying on the couch last night and he thought it was our black cat…lol

Tell him it is a much have! Which fabric are you looking at?


those are gorgeous :inlove: i especially love the java blue and peacock ones.

why must you tempt me with lovely things after the Christmas Persuation Period? :teehee:

Hmmm…maybe I should upgrade! I keep my knitting in a canvas bag that I bought at Trader Joe’s for $2.99. It’s one of those bags you take groceries in…it’s the perfect size for my knitting! Inside I have it all organized with ziploc bags…so classy, huh? :teehee:

I guess Valentine’s Day is approaching…DH might need some ideas. :eyebrow:

Oooh I’m in love with the Jordana Paige satchel. I like the blue one best.

Gee. When I want to take my knitting with me somewhere, I usually choose a very small project (like socks), throw it in a ziplock bag with my needles, and shove it into one of my larger handbags along with my other junk. (I admit that most of my purses cost more than those knitting bags, but that’s different… somehow. :teehee:) Of course, if it’s winter time and I’m wearing my parka, I’ll stick my knitting in one of my big pockets and store my wallet and stuff in the other – that way I don’t have to even carry a purse! I like to travel as light as possible, I guess. The idea of schlepping a whole extra bag just for knitting perplexes me. :shrug: I only KIP in clubs (when DH’s band has a gig) or when I’m waiting for an appointment, though. Usually I knit at home while hanging out with the kitty.

P.S. to LoAnnie: I bet your DH is trying to dissuade you from buying the bag because he’s secretly planning to get it for you for Valentine’s Day. :wink:

Well, I had asked for the bag before Christmas. He got me tons of lovely alpaca yarn but no bag. When I asked him why, he said that he thought it was too small and too expensive. He is very much of the opinion that an item should only be bought once. So if I got it, and reallized in 6 months I wanted another different one, he’d be very upset. We sound like an old couple don’t we (we’re only 25), but at least we understand each other fairly well.

But I had another idea last night. Diaper Bag. They have some really beautiful ones these days, and they are usually inexpensive. I guess I need to go on the prowl for the perfect (and not too expensive) knitting bag.