Too exciting!

I just had to share this here with all of you crocheters!

I’m published! Click HERE to read about it!

Thanks for indulging me! :slight_smile:


A great big congratulations to you! You’re right–this is very exciting, and I hope it brings lots of curious crocheters to your blog site.


Although I’ve been published before, my contributions weren’t anywhere as exciting as yours are!

Thanks for sharing!

Congratulations! Can’t wait to read the article.

Wow, that’s you in print! Fabulous, and may it be one of many more to come. Congrats.

Mary Grace, I’m just so proud of you! Love the article…how exciting!

You are famous now! LOL!

Merry :heart:

Congrats! :cheering: And I just joined your Facebook page.:waving: