Too early in the morning to be so dumb!

Good Morning!

I am trying to cast off the shoulder by the method used in the videos;the one that gives a sloped shoulder without the stair steps. The only problem is that for some reason I keep ending the final cast off stitch in the middle of the last row where the stair step used to be. How I have become so disoriented on something so so simple?

I have undone these two rows three times now and it is only 18 stitches–geeez I am getting dizzy !

You should only be binding off on the RS of the shoulder I think. Starting with the arm edge, you’d end up on the neck edge, not in the middle.

I don’t know what method is on the video, but what I did that worked real well and I learned from Cam is…On the end of the row just before you are supposed to BO so many for the shoulder, slip the last stitch of that row. Turn and then knit the slipped stitch and the next one together. Then knit the next stitch and lift the first stitch over that one. Keep binding off as directed, but BO one less than you were supposed to, because you already got rid of one by knitting the two together.

You can do it on a purl row too.