Too busy to partake in knitting or forum fun :(

I haven’t been around lately because I have no time for knitting the past couple of months. It’s ridiculous. I am working at a daycare and I have basically been sick nearly 6 months now. I think every few weeks, I may get a 1 week reprieve from illness, if I’m lucky. And I have been on a waiting list for a new doctor until the end of August, because my doctor suddenly left the area. In the meantime I have to go to those walk-in urgent care clinics that cost a small fortune even with insurance. Oh, and to add to being sick I am taking three college courses this summer, which is not going well because of the illness of course. I miss knitting in my freetime, instead it takes twice the time to do homework because I’m coughing, have fever, sleeping, puking. So there is no such thing as free time for me right now. Ok, this post was my “free time” for the day so now back to homework in between shivers and hot flashes. Good day to everyone, and hope all are knitting well!!! I’m done being a whiney baby for now. :slight_smile:

That’s too bad. :frowning: My daughter was a preschool teacher for several years and that first year she was sick a lot, too. It will get better! Just remember to eat well and drink plenty, wash your hands often and use hand sanitizers to help prevent some of the illness.

Best of luck to you, I do hope you get well soon. I’ll include you in my nightly prayers.

Thanks for the words of encouragement, I was just down in the dumps that day and needed to vent. I’m doing better but not 100% in good health yet.