Too broke to buy yarn

The ‘Global economic downturn’ has finally hit this remote corner of the world and I find myself financially embarressed for a couple of weeks (thankfully I know it will pass then and think of all the people who cannot say the same).

I had been planning to start a baby blanket for a cousin of mine who is expecting his 1st child. He is more like a brother really and was very good to me when I first came here to Ireland. I had planned to knit in a lovely soft cashmerino but its pricey! So now I have no project!

My stress levels are beginning to rise and I can soon see myself heading to Ravelry to find a pattern to use up all my left-over yarn.

Maybe I should resort to crime to feed my habit?:mrgreen:

You know…there is a baby LOG CABIN blanket that’s a wonderful gift and would put your left-overs to good use! It would look like a “perfectly planned” blanket! Something that can be used EVERY DAY, not just for special occasions. I personally love those everyday blankies!

Free Ravelry download!

Here was one of mine! For granddaughter, Celeste!

And the “boy blanket” free pattern is here!

Also 100% stash leftovers! Ravelry notes here.
Both blankets are seamless!

I unravel commercial sweaters & reuse the yarn. A women’s sweater should give you enough yarn for a baby blanket. Yes, it is more work. But it has been a big budget help to me.

Look for a sweater with a yarn weight, fiber content & color similar to what you want. For a blanket you can always adjust needle size, so focus on fiber & color. Next, check the seams. You want seams that are stitched together-not overcast sewn. Bring it home. Wash & dry it. Then take out the seams & skein the yarn. It won’t be perfectly smooth. But I can usually knit with it anyway.

Added-I buy used sweaters at a secondhand or thrift store. Not new ones. Duh, forgot to mention that at first.

My husband has a choice, quit smoking and tell me I can’t buy yarn or suck it up and abandon plans for a new shop built in the back where I have plans for landscaping anyway…

I’m a pretty mean negotiator :wink:

I do remember when the kids were little and money was oh so tight and I discovered yarn at the charity shops. Yes it was cheap, but it was washable and I got my knitting fix in. I did tons of blankets and throws with that yarn. I have many “patchwork” blankies from that era, and I keep the to remember when I really could not afford anything more than the cheap stuff at Volde-Mart and I thought that was the high life. And I knit everything on the Size 10 circulars I had because it did the job and was the only set of needles I owned. I was always “financially mortified” back then and I look back now and shudder to think of how many times we barely made it. Perhaps that’s why we’re so close-knit now?

I wish you an economic windfall. And like you Irish like to say, may you live in interesting times. :slight_smile:

Lie Artlady, I made a couple of Log Cabins. It is a great project and doesn’t have to be a costly project. I love these and will make more. I plan on starting one in a couple of weeks. It’s great for using leftovers and stashbusting.

The 1st was for my DD

The 2nd was a charity gift

I hope things get better for you soon. Remember, no matter what you make will, it will be loved.

A life of crime seems to make the most sense.

Although crime may seem really tempting sometimes, I like the log cabin look. It uses yarn you probably already have, and the baby will love anything soft and warm. You can always knit the other blanket once you get back on your feet. I have knit my daughter many a sweater out of the “cheap” yarn when I could only afford that, and she has always loved it because mommy made it.

A life of crime to support my knitting habit…Nope, somehow I can’t see that. But I guess I’d have lots of time to knit in the hoockie.

That is a cute log cabin blanket. Where can I find the pattern?

Use stash yarn! If you don’t have enough for a blanket in one color you could use multiple colors. Just make sure it’s the same type of yarn…or at least the same weight and washability. If you want you could do a hat and booties instead, too. :thumbsup:

Hang in there, we’ve all been there!:hug:

The pattern I used is from [U]Mason Dixon Knitting [/U], but I found this on Rav. Same concept.

Thank you.

you’re funny. I agree.

Unraveled sweater yarn can be really great - and don’t forget thrift stores and the good ole’ salvation army. (Do they have them there?) I buy wool sweaters there, and felt them in the washing machine, sew up purses, and tea cozies, etc.

And Thank you Artlady for great suggestions! Those look great for destashing.

Thanks every one - maybe I will stay away from crime just a bit longer!

I had never thought of the charity-shop/re using yarn idea - that is brilliant!

I also love the log-cabin blanket. Lots of my left over yarn has shades of purples, blue and red and would all work nicely together.

Am off to the charity shop…


I’ve bought giant bags of assorted yarn at 2nd hand stores for el cheapo…some of it seemed to be actual wool, to boot!

We got rid of cable television. More money for yarn! We weren’t really watching TV anyway!

I just saw this on…I thought I should post it here…who’d have thought. You can knit with strips and scraps of t-shirts?!?

:cheering: also, if you’re in the USA try etc to watch your favourite shows for free. :woot:

I haven’t paid for cable in years. I do just fine with over the air programming. Who needs dozens of channels…

I too am on a low budget and look for sales, coupons, etc. There are some websites that give discounts on bags of ten skeins. I made a baby blanket from Encore Worsted for less than $25 and there are lots of less expensive baby yarns out there.