Too big

I am making a vest for my husband and have almost finished the back. It looked fine until my husband held it up and it appears it will be too big around. Can I make the front smaller? I cast on 178 stitches for the back - I was hoping I could cast on 162 for the front. It’s taken me 2 weeks so I don’t want to start over. I am wondering if I can just make a bigger seem but have never done that before. HELP please!

If you make the front smaller that’s going to draw the armholes forward and it may not fit there.

Yeah, that wouldn’t work well. If the arm holes are big enough you may be able to take up some slack with the seam. If it’s wool you can also block it some and maybe it’ll help. That may not work though.

I am just wondering, holding the sweater up may not always be an accurate way to measure, is he able to try it on? Is it knit in the round or separate pieces that will need to be sewn together?

Can you measure against a sweater or vest that he has already? That way you can tell for sure if the back is really too big and by how much. It may be that you just have to grit your teeth and start the back over at 162sts. It happens.

Great idea. This was my first post and I can’t believe how helpful everyone is to my plight.:cheering:

A note about attempting to block to get a smaller size: Usually you can’t use blocking to make something much smaller than it already is; however, you can sometimes take something that’s too small and stretch it some by washing and blocking it.

One caveat: If you’re using wool, you [I]can[/I] shrink it using warm/hot water, but [B]I wouldn’t recommend it[/B] because it usually comes out way WAY too small–and often felted. Yikes!

We love to help! If anything we’d err on giving too much help :lol: I’m glad your with us! :thumbsup:

Well - not good news. I measured against another sweater and it’s an inch to big on EACH SIDE. #1 Won’t make this mistake again and #2 I have a large brother in law that is getting a nice vest. Thanks again for being so welcoming.

I think we’ve just about all been in this position before and can sympathize. You really are making the best of this and you will certainly have one happy and grateful brother-in-law!