Tonsillectomy anyone?

I was told today that I will have my tonsils removed within the next month or two. :mrgreen: I have had so many tonsil infections that it is time to get rid of the problem for one and for all. I was wondering if anyone here have had their tonsil removed? How was the experience? Do you regret you had the surgery or not? Is the recovery as hard as they say?

My mom had a tonsillectomy 40 years ago :teehee: I hope they have improved their precedures. She says they separated her lower jaw from her uper jaw bone in order to have better access into her throat. She says that was the most painful part of the recovery. I forgot to ask my ENT doctor if they still perform the surgery in that way. I guess I was too busy imagining a new life without tonsils. :happydance: I will ask that later, but for now if anyone knows about this I will be more than happy to read your posts :slight_smile:

There was a post on this not too long ago…

First off - don’t think they seperate your jaw anymore - at least mine they didn’t.

What I would discuss with the doctor is pain control after the surgery - I was given Vicoden which according to my PCP is like taking Tylenol. When I got dehydrated and called him (ENT wouldn’t return my calls) he was appalled they gave me Vicoden and called in some much better stuff.

Do I regret the surgery - NO

Was recovery as hard as they say - Yes I was told to stock the freezer with ice cream and popsicles and cold was not tolerable for me. Everything had to be room temperature - no salt - no spice. The said scrambled eggs were good - but they got stuck in the pockets (ouch and gross too). Felt more comfortable sleeping in the recliner than bed for almost a month, took 6 months before I could run or workout without feeling like my throat was going to swell shut.

My advice would be to make sure you have someone to stay with you for at least 1 wk - seriously
And stay in the hosp as long as they will keep you - the drugs and IV will do wonders for you. On most insurances you can stay 23hrs for an outpatient procedure. Personally I wouldn’t do mine at the outpatient surgery center b/c there they turf you too soon - IMHO.

Best of Luck with surgery

Sorry this got so long - my surgery was just a couple of years ago so I remember it vividly

I had mine taken out over 30 years ago, and I was only 5 at the time, but I don’t remember them having to separate my jaw to have it done. I wish I could remember more other than getting all the Popsicles I wanted. But then again, when you’re five, that’s pretty sweet.

I can’t say I regret it because I used to get tonsillitis a lot before I had them out. I don’t remember the recovery being particularly bad or long, either, but I doubt that if I had them out now, I’d have the same experience.

Good luck with your operation. :slight_smile:

I was talking about this the other day, I had mine out when I was 22. It was not fun. They put me on the floor with kids. And those little kids that got theirs out, were up and out of the hospital in a day!

But the older you are, the longer it takes to heal, I was in the hospital a week, loss alot of weight on a liquid diet. And I agree sleeping sitting up was better for the pain and discomfort. It was a long recovery, and I will never forget it.

Do I regret it, no, I had one infection after another so it was time to get them out. Now remember, I had my surgery 30 years ago, so I am sure they have an eaiser method. Well, at least I hope they do.

So, can’t wait to hear how smooth you sail through this! Positive thoughts going your way.

I have had mine out for about 10 years now and i don’t regret it at all. I used to get infections all the time and now no more because they are gone:woot:. But i do agree that they say to get cold stuff but i prefered food at room temp (my dad did get me italian ice and that i liked but everything else i liked at room temp.) i didn’t like having ice cream when i had it done because i had some drainage and it made me cough and you really dont want to cough right after. and i used to run high fevers and now if i get sick i usually dont run a fever. I think that it was the best thing health wise that has ever happend to me.

I turn 47 later this month and still have mine.

Here’s JessicaR’s post from a few weeks ago. She just had her’s out on the 8th I believe. Lots of posts about it.

Thank you all for your posts and your advices… I cannot wait to get over the whole thing!! :muah:

That is certainly good to know, man! :teehee:

worth having done - but as you can tell from the posts here and on the other thread, the older you are - the longer the recovery.

Yeah, that’s what I have noticed. I am 32 so not too young not too old :teehee: but old enough to have a long recovery. I wonder if after the surgery people can talk at all or if it takes weeks too.

I had no problem talking - or for that matter singing - just swallowing. swallowing was . . .an “experience”.

i agree i had no problem talking but swallowing was something else.