Tons of WOTA for Sale! GONE!

I am NEVER going to make all the clogs I had planned, especially now that I am trying to launch and new website. I had posted a bunch of yarn on sale at eBay, but figured that the WOTA would probably do better here! So here goes:

3 Avocado
3 Winter Night
3 Daffodil
3 Tulip
5 Coal
5 Cranberry
2 Violet
2 Cherry Blossom
1 Rain
1 Blue Bonnet

$1.00 each PLUS shipping to contiguous US).


$35 for all INCLUDING shipping to contiguous US. (will include a bag of scraps)

PM me if you are interested in International Shipping.

How is the WOTA for non-felted knitting? Do you think it would be good for wool soakers?

I sent you a PM.

Sorry! All gone already! I went with the first PM I received.

PS: WOTA is not really good for non-felted items, IN MY OPINION!

Lissalue, I sent you a PM.

thanks, i will paypal tomorrow!

Cool, pm me your addy so I can get it all ready! :cheering: