Tons of lily- sugarncream, so is it the yarn?

Can you please give me some ideas on things to make with the surarncream, I found it on sale and bought tons of it and now can not really find anything to make with it, or else I am just not creative enough.

I have looked at thier web site and nothing really said hey knit me…
Please help…

Here are a bunch of dishcloth patterns. Maybe you could make some as christmas gifts? :thinking:

Here is a site that has a ton of patterns that you could look through too.

I’m making a floor mat rug thingy for my kitchen made out of leftover sugar n cream. I’m doing the log cabin pattern from Mason Dixon knitting book. Or youcould make a tank top or socks.

Ahhh…I was going to suggest that, too, Femi :wink:

I believe that Ingrid has knit something for a toddler with this yarn…I may be mistaken, but I think it was her. Anyway, it softens when you wash it…I see no reason why you couldn’t do some things for toddlets, too :smiley:

I made a sleeveless top, almost a tank with some last year. It keeps getting softer and softer with every wash. Here’s another tank pattern…


I was goign to suggest the Mason Dixon patterns as well. they really love Sugar n Creme in that book! :slight_smile: