Tomorrow is almost here!

I have been waiting about a month for it to get here…this has me in almost as much anticipation as our trip to Hawaii does. Yes…tomorrow is my class with Cat Bordhi! I have to leave my house at 0800 to get to the shop by 1000, but it wiill be worth it. The class is six hours long, so I won’t be home until at least 6pm, depending on the holiday traffic.

I’m so excited!!!

pat…it’s almost here!!!

:cheering: The 26th! The 26th! You’ll have to fill us in on all the details!

OMGoodness, you must take a tape recorder…is that allowed :?? ?! And/or take fantastic notes so that you can then…teach us :wink:
HAVE FUN :happydance: :happydance:

OMG!!! How great is that!!