Tomato question

greetings. I’m relatively new to knitting (and to this site!) and have just started knitting with circular needles. I have a set of the harmony options (which are very cool, BTW).

I decided I wanted to try to knit Tomato from No Sheep for You. It calls for #7 circular needles, 29 inches long, so I thought I could use the 24 inch cable that came with my set and be ok. I cast on the required number of stitches and it seems like the 24 inch cable is too long…I can’t stretch out my stitches enough to actually knit…so I can’t imagine if I actually had 29 inches. any guidance for a newbie knitter? :??


I just looked at the pattern, and you’re supposed to start working back and forth. There’s no way 40 stitches is going to fit around the needle, so you’re not crazy. :teehee:

By the time you finish all the increases, you’ll have enough stitches to fit.

ah! I see! Thanks so much!