Tomato KAL

Anyone interested in doing a Tomato KAL? I ordered my yarn, and of course, im doing wool, since i love it! :slight_smile:

I’m seriously considering this one - I love the sweater. I’ve never done fair isle, so maybe this is a good project to learn it with?

I’d have to buy some new yarn for this though. Gee, what a problem! :—

I am thinking aobut it too, but I have to finish some stuff first. I have too many WIPs, and I too would have to order yarn. Oh, the tragedy. :teehee:

I made this a few months ago out of Lion Brand Cotton Ease, and it is a really easy, really fast knit. I was scared of the fair isle at first, but even that went relatively smoothly after I learned how to knit Continental. I just followed the instructions in my Stitch ‘n’ Bitch book and the Amy’s videos and it worked like a charm.

Never did learn how to purl Continental though. Oh well.

I’m thinking of using Cascade Sierra- love the feel of it! Probably blue with something for contrast…

I still have to finish my sons sweater before i can start LOL

I, too, love the Tomato sweater pattern. I have never knitted fair isle either but would like to learn. I would be interested in doing a kal on this one if it were a little later in the summer. Right now I am trying to finish up my Bonne Marie Burns waist-coat. It’s such a neat pattern. It’s her latest and it’s called Nicole. I am also working on a shrug using a Drops pattern. Anyway, I saw the Tomato pattern the other day and I loved it.:heart:

I really like this pattern also. I printed it off and will study it, not able to start any time soon though, need to save some money for awhile before I buy any more yarn.

I got my yarn today! :slight_smile: Im working on something though so it’ll have to wait!

oooo I started this one a few weeks ago! Now I won’t have an excuse not to work on it!

The fair isle in this top is very very easy. It’s a good first fair isle project, IMHO.

Im GLAD Hilde because FI kinda intimidates me! :slight_smile:

Here is the post ot the knittingdaily , Tomato progress, she moved the stripe down and added bust darts.

I’ve started making Tomato, too. I love the neckline!

The 2-color knitting was a little intimidating at first. But, once I got started, it turned out to be fun. By the way, I held one color with one hand and the other with the other. So, now I’m finally able to knit English/American style – but only if I pretend to hold yarn with my other hand as well.:lol:

I may not have really gotten the concept of Tomato. I’m making it in [B]navy blue wool[/B] yarn with a lighter blue contrasting color. (I guess it’s a tomato/blueberry hybrid.) I didn’t move the stripe, but then I’m short waisted.

I am making mine in Navy Blue and a Baby blue too! :wink:

I started mine yesterday. I am using Cotton Ease in gray with a light blue stripe. Right now it is slow and boring.

i swatched last night, and i had to buy new needles! as i need a size 10 NEEDLE!!! lol i had to buy new needles

you had to get larger needles? What yarn are you using?

Im using a worsted weight wool, but im a VERY VERY tight knitter by nature, so in order to get guage i had to get a larger needle.

So the Cotton Ease worked out well for this ? I saw it at Micheal’s and thought about buying some , but could not remember how much I needed.

im casting on for this tonight! :slight_smile: