Tom Baker Scarf

Has anyone made this? Where did you find the pattern? How closely did you match the colors? Thanks.

Plenty of people have made Dr Who scarves, and there’s lots of patterns under that name.

There are many patterns for these online if you google. Tom Baker wore several different scarves. There are different color combinations for each one. Most of the patterns I’ve seen for these are 12-14 feet long. The producers of the show bought a bunch of wool, gave it to a woman knitter, and asked her to make a scarf. She thought they meant for her to use it all up. The original scarf ended up being 20 feet long.

101 Uses for Tom Baker’s scarf:

The Tom Baker scarf is on my to do list, one of these days. I’m not a big Dr Who fan, I just think the scarf is great. It’s so long it’s outrageous. It would definitely be a fun thing to wear. Here’s the one I plan on doing. If you’re not a real purist, you could approximate the colors. I plan on doing mine in an acrylic and seeing if I can get close to the colors in some of the economy ones like the Caron One Pound.

Wow, that is some scarf! Love the color combinations.

Here’s an article on the different color patterns for the various Dr Who seasons. Some are wider, some are shorter. The longest scarf is the Season 18 scarf at 26 feet long.