Toes on Magic loop


I’m just starting my first pair of toe up socks with magic loop. For the toe increases the instructions say:

[FONT=“Century Gothic”] Increase 4sts every round to 40 sts total, then increase every other round to 60sts.[/FONT]

I figured out the first part, increasing on every row, getting to 40 stitches, 20 on each needle.

But now that I’m increasing on every OTHER row I’m getting more stitches on one needle than the other. Which means when I finish I’ll have 20 stitches on one needle and 40 stitches on the other. Is that alright? Will I have to redistribute the stitches somehow? Or have I misunderstood how to increase on every other row?

Thanks for your help!

Sock Newbie

I may be missing something here but it seems like to me the stitches should build up on the needle the same way they did in the first part. You are knitting in the round so it is not every other row, but every other round. You should increase the same way and in the same places you were in the first part that caused the stitches to be even but now you do an increase round and then do a round with no increases and then on the next round do the increases again (every other round). Do the increases on both parts of the needle, in other words, over the whole round, just like you did in the first part.

That’s what I was afraid of! It makes sense now. Well, at least I got some practice with magic loop! If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! Thank you MerigoldWA!!!