Toe Up Two At A Time Magic Loop Sock Patterns?

I really love magic loop and have done 2 pair using one basic pattern. Anyone know of some other good patterns? I’m having a hard time finding them by searching online.


It is very difficult to find patterns that are actually written for magic loop. You can really knit any sock pattern using magic loop - it’s just a different way to arrive at the same result. However, I did find this pattern for toe up two at a time using magic loop.

Ok - so it’s not just me!! I was thinking there weren’t that many patterns out there.

I wish I was knit-saavy enough to do a regular sock pattern using magic loop. :verysad:

That one you posted is the one I used prior. Thank you though!

You already know how to do the technique, that’s savvy enough! With magic loop, you have your stitches divided in half over two needles. They are just distributed differently than they would be on 3 or 4 dpns. And since you’ve already made socks with magic loop you know how the heel and gusset stuff works. You’ve got all the skills, I’d say just give it a try!! Take any old sock pattern - the first one I did magic loop on was this one, I used worsted weight yarn and a size 6 needle. It was fast and easy, and all the same construction as a regular sock just a lot smaller. Baby socks are great to practice on and gain confidence. You can do it!!!

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Hmmmm…I was thinking about making some baby socks for my niece with some left over yarn from my last pair.

Maybe I’ll try it in magic loop - thanks for the confidence!!

So, you just go backwards through the pattern essentially then, right?
Start with the number of stitches that you are supposed to end up with at the toe?

I’m sorry, I think I misunderstood :doh: . If you are going to do a toe up sock, you need to use a toe up pattern regardless of whether you are doing magic loop or not. I didn’t mean that you could take a top down sock pattern and use it for toe up. You can, however, use any toe up pattern and use magic loop to make it. Does that make more sense? :oops:

Forest Socks

Falling Leaves

Sock it to me

Wendy’s Toe Up

Wyvern Socks

Hell Chick’s Toe Up

You’re Putting Me On

Lace Top

Simple Toe up

Perfect Toe Up Sock Pattern

Feather and Fan Toe Up

Elfine Lace Socks


Amy’s Socks

Universal Toe Up Sock Formula

And finally Heels and Toes

Hope this helps. :happydance:

Nourhigan, thanks for posting all those links. Some nice patterns there.

Thanks Liberty!!!


Anything to get more people magic looping. :cheering: It really is the perfect knitting technique - one needle, no seaming - what more could you ask for. :notworthy: BTW I fixed the link to the Elfine Socks - simply beautiful socks.

Just about any sock pattern can be converted to toe-up - it only gets tricky around the heel. If its top down, find out how many stitches there are at the toe just before the dreaded Kitchener stitch - and thats how many you cast on. Then look to see how the decrease was done and just reverse it. After that its knitting the foot and then on to the dreaded heel. I haven’t found a way to reverse a heel flap style heel, the eclectic heel works the best for me. That’s the tricky part. After that you just keep knitting magic-loop in the round and ta-da a sock. Ok, so I forget to mention a few things like stitch patterns, leg shaping and ribbing…Its not perfect, but I have worked top down patterns backwards and it has turned out great (except the heel - stupid heels :teehee: ).

[color=blueviolet]I know you want actual patterns but I love this basic pattern book. She teaches you have to knit socks with any yarn at any gauge. After you learn the techniques you can start putting any stitch pattern into the basic sock pattern. It’s written for 2socks on 2circs but it’s so close to ML. I know the price is high but it’s sooooooo worth it. I love the Aloha Cast On which is just a variation of the long tail cast on. She also has a great Yahoo! Group. If you have a question she or someone else answers it right a way sometimes within a few minutes.[/color]

Here is a reverse Dutch Heel for toe-up socks. I haven’t tried it, but it looks interesting.

Here is my most fav sock maker.
I use this as the starting point and the take any leg pattern that I like. Mostly cables and ribbing combinations. The pattern reads a little strangely at first, but if you just do what it says line by line, you get a wonderfully turned heel with no gaps and you can’t tell it from a top down sock heel. It has a nice fit.