Toe-Up Socks!

Okay, I know there are people other than Angelia and me that are afraid of toe-up and socks and want to try them anyway.
Has anyone found a pattern with a decent diagram of the frighting cast-on?


There is this (have not tried yet):

last night I tried the Turkish cast on (because I’m making a handbag) - the method was in Vogue Fall 2005 and it looks like it’ll make a great toe too. It might be one of the methods above in Knitty, but I haven’t read thru it well enough - I just found it. Ah, here ya go - Turkish Cast On:

let me know here if you find anything else

I would like to do this. I have the yarn now, but I will have to wait till I come back from vacation. has a good toe up pattern, the cast on doesn’t intimidate me, and it’s easy and SO cool once you have the hang of it

Ooh, I may have to try this. I am not a sock person, but I have some sock yarn that I have a strange urge to use.

That Turkish cast on and the explanations of the figure 8 look so much easier than what I was trying to do over the Christmas break :rollseyes: I’ve got loads of sock yarn and would love to do toe up socks…actually my LYS is doing a toe up sock class I think…

mmmm…well the Turkish cast on worked wonderfully, altho my purse is turning out smaller than I wanted, but time constraints and laziness are making me not care. :wink: I did it in the car, no problem.

Definitely going into my permanent brain cells for future reference.

Are you a sock puppet?

I wanna make socks!! I have the yarn, but don’t have time yet…

I started a sock! I’m using this pattern:

I’m using a different gauge though, so I hope I can figure it out!

I’m planning to use this pattern:
I’m going to get needles today and I already have my wonderful RIT brown and orange yarn. :twisted:
Mer, I was looking at directions for that toe on knitty and it made my head hurt. :shock: I can’t wait to see your toe done! :cheering:

Cate, I just followed the directions in the pattern I linked to, and it worked pretty well. I misunderstood it at first, but if you have done short-rows before, that’s all it is.

My pattern has a figure eight cast on…After three tries, it’s still not working for me. :rollseyes: I don’t think I’ve ever done short rows.
I think I’m going to cheat and try the “easy toe” I found on knitty. It’ll look the same as the figure eight.
Progress pictures? :smiley:


I have to say, I’m not a huge fan of the short row cast on, so the Easy Toe (which is also described in the Sensational knitted Socks book) looks like a GREAT alternative.

Will have to give them a go when I do some toe up socks for DH… :smiley:

I started a pair of Toe Up socks two weeks ago. I used Lucia’s Sockulator II (her blog is found here and you find the pattern generator under one of the menues)

The great thing about this Sockulator is that you take your own measurements, insert the numbers and get a pattern calculated for you. It has clear instructions and links to tutorials (or articles as she calls them) for help.

I’ve made one and a half sock now. Hope to have the second one finished this weekend!

I am just starting to work on the Knit Picks Toe Up two socks at once
Which honestly looks fairly simple.
I’ll update y’all about how it’s going. :happydance: :happydance:

Turned the heel! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

yeay! :cheering: :cheering: :thumbsup:

I finished one sock! I have to recommend that you bind off very very loosely for toe-up socks!!! I had to re-do my bind-off 3 times before I could get it on my foot. It actually ended up a little loose on the foot part, but otherwise fits fine! I’ll try to post a pic tomorrow. :smiley:

Yay, Mer! I can’t wait for pictures!
I frogged my cast on like four times and had to take a break from it. :rollseyes: A girl in a couple of my classes told me if I couldn’t get it, she could help me. She even asked me if my yarn was from Knit Picks!

Here’s sock number one! I wish my feet weren’t so big–it seemed like it took a long time. :rollseyes: Any one else done any toe-ups yet?