Toe-up socks

Has anyone made socks from this pattern before?

I started it last night using the simple stripes sock yarn from knitpicks, and it’s coming out much to small. Is the yarn I’m using too fine for the pattern? I’d really rather not have to go up a size in needles because then I’d have to go buy some 2s and I just bought 1s specifically for this project. Could I just cast on more stitches?

Additionally, if anyone knows of a better toe-up pattern, please let me know. I’d like to do one with a short-row heel since I’ve never done those before.

You can just keep increasing beyond the 72 it calls for until it will fit around your foot. That is one great thing about the toe ups…you can try them on as you go.

Would it help to cast on more stitches though? And will the stuff for the heel still be the same?

It definitely needs to start with more stitches if it’s going to fit me. I’ve frogged it, but I put a picture up on my blogthread.

Looking at the picture it looks about right to me…mine look similar in size when compared to my feet. It stretches obviously and you really don’t want it too loose. Have you tried putting it over the top part of your foot so you can see how it stretches.