Toe Up Socks

OK, want to learn how to do toe up socks. Purusing the interwebs has led me to believe that the best and/or easiest way to do so is a provisional cast on using a single chain crochet. Figures… cuz I can crochet for the life of me.

So, does anyone have any recommendations on websites and/or books on toe up socks?

I guess I could always have my mom crochet me up a bunch of provisional cast on chains!!! :wink:

Try the Turkish Cast On. It’s my favorite for toe up socks.

Here’s another cast on for toe up socks:

The above link (Judy’s magic cast on) is what I use…can’t stand provisional cast on…and it is super easy ! It is just kitchener stitch. I love two at a time toe-up ! Have fun and welcome to the addiction.

I vote for the magic cast on. There is a youtube video of Cat Bordhi doing it.

…with a correction for Becker’s cast on. :oo:
Her instructions and picture for [B][U]step 5 on Knitty[/U][/B] have you wrap the working yarn the wrong way around needle #2. It makes all the stitches on needle #2 twisted and you need to knit them through the back.

If you instead bring needle #1 over and past the thumb yarn, and pass needle #2 behind, under, and around the thumb yarn, then you get a regular YO around the number 2 needle. Two untwisted stitches cast on (one on each needle). Then just alternate needle #1 YO from finger with needle #2 YO from thumb.

  • One: YO from finger, Two: yo from thumb, * repeat until you have pickup your last stitch on needle 2.

This magic cast on can be done with two DPN’s, two circulars, or on both ends of one long circular. With DPN’s you should make sure to cast on loosely so the first round is not too tight.[/COLOR]

Another vote for Judy’s Magic Cast on. I love it. Love it enough I’ve pretty much gone from cuff down to toe up exclusively!

I have used Judy’s and like it…and also used the Provisional and it’s easier than you think (link goes to the guide I used)…but the one I use the most is the Figure 8:thumbsup: