Toe up socks

Ok I have this pattern and it says to
CO 30 sts. got that
knit 29 sts wrap the last unworked stitch and turn. Ok didn’t I turn when I wrapped it?
Then on row 3 Slip 1, knit to 1 sts. before unworked sts., wrap, and turn
So after I wrap the stitch I slip the next one? I tried that and it does not look right I looked at the video on this site and she says nothing about slipping the first stitch after a wrap. :??

I did the first part without slipping and it looks good to me but I have never done this kind of sock before so I have no idea. Before I go on I would like to know if it is ok I don’t want to get further along and have to :frog:

ME :zombie: + YOU :grphug: = xxx HAPPY KNITTING

You can wrap before you turn, or after you turn… obviously, this persons method is to wrap before they turn. You slip the unworked stitch (the 30th stitch), then wrap the yarn around that, slip it back onto the right needle, turn (or not, depending when you turn - i hope this isn’t confusing with all the ‘turns’, but you only turn once) then knit back. The next should be to knit 28, slip, wrap, slip, turn, work back

I think maybe the person that wrote it said to slip because they needed to do that when they wrapped their stitch but the way I do it the stitch is already on that needle. I guess? Because when I finishing wrapping I am ready to go and if I slip the next stitch the yarn would have to go around that stitch kninda just hanging there and looks stupid. I don’t know.