toe up socks

I’m following a pattern for christmas stockings toe up.
Starts with turkish cast on wrapped 21 times for 21 sole and 21 instep. Has two increases on both sole and instep for one round, then one round knit.But then says to get a total for 39 sole and 41 instep but then somewhere along the way I would have not increased the sole when I did the instep, or when I increase on the instep call that the end of the row? Won’t it be uneven. Seems like a simple enough thing that has me stumped.


I’m using the family portrait collection of three stockings. Here’s her wording:
Using the Turkish Cast-On (or whatever technique you wish), wrap the needles 21 times, to cast on a total of 21 stitches for the instep, and 21 stitches for the sole.
Round One: Knit all stitches across the instep and then across the sole
Round Two: Instep: K1, m1, K to last stitch, m1, K1.
(If you’re increasing using the YO method that I discussed in my “Purls of Wisdom”, you will be knitting as follows :frowning: K1, YO, k to last stitch, YO, K1)
Repeat this on the sole
Round Three: Knit all stitches, across instep and sole
(If you’re increasing using YO method, that will be K1, kbl of the YO, knit to YO, kbl of the YO, and K1 for each of the instep/instep and sole/sole)
Repeat 2 & 3 until you have increased to 39 stitches on the sole and 41 stitches on the instep, for a total of 80 stitches.

For some reason which may become clear as you knit the rest of the stocking, the pattern calls for 2 more sts on the instep. Your reading sounds correct. You could increase evenly and on the last increase round only increase on either side of the instep sts and not on the sole. The stocking will be slightly larger on the instep but that’s what’s called for.

Which pattern is it? Can you give us a pattern name?

thanks for the reply!
I did mention that it was the family portrait set of 3 stockings though I didn’t link it (
So I could increase evenly, increase on the instep sts and just knit across sole to make it still have even rows, correct?
Thanks again

Ah, thanks for the link. I missed that that was a title.
Yes, keep increasing at the ends of the instep sts and the sole sts. Then on the last increase row, increase on the instep side but just knit across the sole side.
This project seems to be referenced by several Rav knitters as especially helpful.

There are a couple of observations on the rather large size of the toe but it is a stocking to hang and fill (more is better) rather than one to wear, so I guess that’s ok.