Toe-up socks: 16" or 24" circulars

Good afternoon! I just started my 1st ever pair of socks using Crazy Toes and Heels (Queen Kahuna). I am using 24" circulars, but by mistake purchased 16" circulars for my next project (which uses sock yarn instead of the worsted I am practicing on this time). Should I return these for 24", or can socks comfortably be knit on 16"?

Thanks so much!

are you doing magic loop or two circs method? Are you doing two at once? If you are just doing one at a time on 2 circs, I think 16" will be fine.

But I would recommend you get one 16" and one 24". Why have two of the same length? If you get two different ones, later when you want to knit in the round on one circular, you’ll have more versatility. For example, hats on 16", sweaters on 24".

It depends on what method you are using. If you are using the two circular needle method then 16 is fine, if you are doing magic loop, I’d recommend 32 -40 in. You can do a sort of modified magic loop with 24, but 32 or higher is easier.

I am doing socks with two 24 inch circs myself right now.

I am doing two at a time on two circulars. Thanks for the input!

Then you actually need longer ones. I would think even 24 would be pushing it, but if it works for you that’s all that matters. :wink: