Toe up sock question

Hey y’all:
I don’t understand the pattern instructions. I’ve turned the heel but now I don’t know how to pick up and knit the gusset for the instep…

"Working back and forth on two needles and 28 heel sts, repeat instructions for toe…
Row 1: Purl
Row 2: K1, ssk, k to last 3 sts, K2tog, k1
Repeat 1 and two until 8 sts remain in toe/heel, then:
Row 3: Purl
[B][U]Row 4: Pick up and knit 1 st from first half of toe, knit to end, pick up and knit 1 st from first half of toe.[/U][/B]

I have no idea how this translates to the heel! Where do I pick up the stitch from? the side? down by the end of the foot? Thanks for any help!
Here are some picks of my heel:

Can you link to the pattern, or maybe post more of it? Perhaps someone more experienced than myself can make sense of that, but it doesn’t make any sense to me, either.

I get it!!
Those lovely stitches that you decreased there on the side on the photo for the heel? You pic up one stitch from each side just like you did for the toe (maybe there should be heel in parentheses) You know when they wrote the destructions for the toe they should have put toe(heel) like that or something.:guyknitting:

Do I just go back down on the sides that I just decreased to get down to 8 sts? So as I knit the 8 sts, I pick up 1 st below on either side? That would bring eventually back to the instep, I guess. Thanks! That’s a really simple explanation (wish they would have put that in the pattern)

Abbily: Its a purchased pattern from White Lies Designs, I doubt I would get in trouble but I don’t know how much of a copyrighted, for purchase pattern I can post on! I gotta say, I’m actually glad someone else looked at those instructions and said “huh?”

I think you are picking up a stitch to stop holes just like in top-down.
You have let’s say 20 stitches for the front and 20 for the back. Or maybe more on the back/heel side if you are going to decrease for the gusset.
When you go back to in the round, there’s often a hole between the front stitches (which you have been ignoring for quite a few rounds) and the back ones (which you have been knitting flat), so picking up a stitch or two between the front and the back stitches and later decreasing those can help get rid of the hole - does that make sense to you?

I don’t really get what you mean by that. I have only 8 stitches on the back of the heel now. I have to pick up the side stitches to reconnect the back of the heel to the bottom to get back to my full count of sts, so I can go back to working in the round. I think I get how to do it, I’m just not sure what the final product is going to look like in my understanding of it.

Oh and another question:

Would it be okay for me to contact the seller for this pattern and ask her about the instructions?


Hiya Holamiis,
As for the first question you asked hun, yep you got it. As for the second, that would be your best bet. Try to get a hold of the person or designer from where you bought the pattern, they would be the best ones to help anyone with questions regarding their designs. It might take a while. But I do think you have it. Knit your 8 sts, then pick up one stitch at the end of each row til you’ve picked up all the stitches it asks you to and then you would continue in the round til you got to your desired length.