Toe up sock question

I’m almost done with my socks (finally some for me) and my hubby was giving me sad puppy dog eyes last night wanting some, I have his yarn and would like to do them toe up b/c not sure how much yarn it’ll take and he doesn’t know how long he wants them-silly boy. Anyway I was just wondering if I do Silver’s toe up as my main instructions, but use measurements from sks to fit his feet with my gauge would it work? Not sure how many to cast on for the toe into the foot increases and I want to do the short row heel, but do I knit the foot all the way to the heel and then start it? I’m so confused doing it this way. Is there a good toe up book out there (that uses short row heel)?

Yeah, I’m a sucker for sad puppy dog eyes from my DH too.

Wendy Johnson has a toe up sock recipe that provides the calculation for any gauge.

I feel like such a doofus, I didn’t realize that the More Sensational Knitted Socks book has toe up instructions!