Toe Up Sock problem (help!)

Hello everyone! first off, I’ve been knitting for several months now, but have not doing anything harder than knit purl.

I am determined to knit socks, and I am just as determined to do it Toe Up, even if that’s unwise given that I don’t even know how to knit socks yet.

For the most part, I am using Judy’s Magic Cast On with DNPs. The problem is, I’m having trouble with the increases. This is the umpteenth time I’ve ripped and started the sock over, the first few were when I was trying Figure Eight Toe.

The problem is always the same. When I do the k, m1, k to end/k to end, m1, k, I don’t like how… huge the increase band is, and the M1 stitches always stick out more than the regular stitches. So I tried having the M1 the last stitch on the needles. Tried various combinations of this, and for he most part got the same problem with the M1 stich being annoyingly large in comparison. And now I have this problem.

This picture is with two M1s right next to each other each round (one on each needle). It’s more stretched out than it was before I started trying to fix it, and then took the picture, but even more I was pulling on it, it was unacceptable.

Is there anything I can do to to mend the giant M1 loop problem? Is there another way to increase without getting the large band running down the sides? Or a way to make that smaller? Any help would be wonderful!

what kind of increase are you doing? have you tried different methods?

The make 1 increase does leave a small hole. If you don’t like it, try kfb (knit front and back) and see if you like that better. There will still be a bit of a ridge, but it should look a little better.

Also, the stitches will distribute a bit better as the sock grows in length. Right now there is a lot of pressure in that area mucking up the visual.

Keep us posted on your progress! :heart:

It sort of looks like the increases that are supposed to be on opposite sides from one another are actually running into each other with nothing to separate them. Does that make sense? If this is the problem, working one or two plain rounds before starting your first increase round should help. Oh, I’m assuming that you’re working in the round already, by the way. If you’re working back and forth to start out, then just ignore this.

I’ve seen a M1 increase defined differently in different sources. The version I use (which doesn’t leave a hole) is to insert the left needle from front to back under the “bar” between the two needles, then knit into the back of that new stitch you just created on the left needle. This increase does not leave a purl bump on the right side.
How are you doing your M1?

I’m doing my M1s by just making a loop over my thumb and placing that on the needle. I’ve just now realised there are more videos to increasing here, and I’m going to watch them now. If this solves my problem, I’m going to have to laugh quite a bit at myself, since I’ve been working on this sock (very randomly) for like a month!

When you do that type of increase, while it is listed as a way to do it on this site it is really more of a mid-row cast on than an increase. Because you are just making a loop in the yarn and placing it on your needle, it is not a stitch attached to anything else below it, therefore you will get a hole. Take a look at what’s called M1L and M1R on the increases page, those would definitely be a better bet, and you can decide whether you want them to slant to the right or the left, making them even more unnoticeable. I’d only ever use the type of M1 increase that you were doing if it was at the beginning or end of a row.

Good luck.