Toe Up Sock Help!

I’m trying to do the Universal Toe Up Sock Formula from Knitty.comand I am having a hard time figuring out the crochet cast on. I’ve looked at video online but it seems there are several different methods to this madness.

Can anyone help? Point me in the right direction? Maybe link to a video that works for this? I really want to make myself a pair of socks but it seems like I’m going to need a step-by-step guide (I do good with visual) to pull this off. And I want to do toe up because everyone says that they fit better and plus I can make them as short or as tall as I want without having to worry about running out of yarn.

Thanks in advance!

If your looking for help with pictures try Silver’s sock class:
I learned to do toe up with her tutorial. It is easy to do it her way. She doesn’t use the crochet cast on but one that is easy to do.