Toe up sock heel?

Knit even until foot is to where you want to begin your heel.

where exactly is this on the heel??? the right angle of the heel from bottom of the foot to the part that starts going up?

the first part of heel on the bottom of the foot…closest to the front of the foot…ugg…

this is for a toe up sock, and I’m also not really happy with the “join”…I think I might rip out and start again…I have little feet, and I want these to be snug…

so…i have about 2 hours before I rip out…lol…:slight_smile:

thanks for your help!!!


thanks for bumping…I figured it out…:slight_smile:

it is where the heel starts on the bottom of the foot!!

I made a mock up just of the heel, and figured it out that way.