Toe-up sock booboo

i’m doing the universal toe-up sock pattern from knitty and i was to the double-wrapped stitches part in the toe where it says:

row 7 (WS): s1, p to first wrapped st, p wrapped st, W&T
row 8 (RS): sl1, k to first double-wrapped stitch, k double-wrapped st, W&T
Row 9 (WS): sl1, p to first double-wrapped stitch, p double-wrapped st, W&T

welllllllll, I kinda sorta missed the row beginning with sl1 until I was done with the section. how bad is this? I have already made my infamous and mysterious OTHER DPN mistake, so if I nede to frog, I’ll be okay, you can tell me. :wink:


I’ve done several toe-up socks using the short row shaping and have never slipped the first stitch before working the row - my socks all came out just fine.