Toe up sock bind off

In all the years I have knit, and all the items I have knit I have NEVER (til now) knit a sock!!

I am finishing up my very first pair of toe up socks (leap frogging them so that I will end up at bindoff on both at the same time) and wondering if anyone has the PERFECT stretchy top of the sock bind off method.

I like Elizabeth Zimmermann’s sewn bind off (bottom of the page)

This page at Knitty shows a number of different bind offs. Natural YMWV but I like the sewn.

This one is super stretchy and good for socks!:thumbsup:

I Love the suspended Bind off. It’s great and I actually use it on everything now.

I second both of these: EZ sewn bind off posted by Chris; and the knitty one posted by Jan.

I use this one for neck openings. It is extra stretchy & should work for socks too.

I can’t wait to try out the other suggestions. I love to learn new ways to do things.