Toe up short row knee sock calculator

ok i need help.
i am no stranger to knitting socks…
that being said, i have never knit a knee sock. I am about to. My daughter requested some for her birthday. Ive made her many ankle socks but could not convince her that ankle socks is what she wanted this time. lol
I can get from toe to past the heel but not sure what to do about the shaping and such past that…which is weird because i knit all of my husbands socks but his only go up 7 inches all ribbing past the heel. my daughters socks will go up 16 inches from the floor. Im NOT knitting 16 inches of ribbing.
circumference below knee- 12 1/4 – 16in from floor
circumference widest part of calf- 12 3/4 --12 1/2in from the floor
circumference @ ankle-7 7/8 – 2 1/2in from the floor
I assume i can just make the sock up to the ankle normally. but her foot circumference is 8 3/4 so that will have to be reduced as well which is ok cuz id prob knit it at an 8in circumference anyway. the ankle circumference can be 8inches as well. i guess what im most perplexed about is WHEN to put increases an decreases in. and i also read the best way to keep the socks up is with elastic in the cuff? and do i need another measurement in between the calf and ankle. thats a dramatic drop quite a bit away from each other.

i have found many sock calculators but all are top down or have a heel flap and gussett. I feel like i need to follow a pattern to make sure im putting things in at the right places. Im positive this is not all that hard to figure out but i guess i just need a bit of guidence.

ANY help would be great…

I know this is for a top down sock but the measurements might help:

Shaping Knee Socks

Here’s another that might help more. You have to scroll down for the knee sock pattern:

The Keyboard Biologist Knits