Toe-Up Or Cuff-Down Socks

I like the idea of making socks from the toe up because you can make the cuff whichever length is needed for the amount of yarn you have. However, I have not been able to find a bind off that is satisfactory and looks nice. After spending all that time making the sock I don’t want the bind off to scream HOMEMADE!

Three times now I have made socks this way just to frog the whole pair and redo them from the cuff down. That is a lot of wasted time, but I figure it’s better to redo them than for me to never wear them.

All of the socks I make now are from the cuff down. The cuffs look so much better and are stretchy enough to comfortably go on my feet.

I want to know though what the ratio is between these two methods. And, is there really a nice cuff bind off?

If you make your socks from the toe-up, please list your bind off instructions along with a good picture of the finished cuffs, if you can. Thanks!

I double knit all my socks and haven’t been able to figure out how you would cast on and increase to get a satisfactory toe and stay sane. So I do all mine cuff down.

I’m not worried about the looks. I often cast on 1/3 more and decrease every other stitch which looks a little rough if you do it right at the cast on.
It depends on if I’m thinking about that or not for if I decrease too early and end up with it looking bad.

I’ve done very few toe up socks, but the bind off I’ve used is EZ sewn bind off. - close to the bottom of this page.

I voted toe-up, but I’ve only made one pair so I might like cuff down too. Used the sewn bind-off I found in silver’s sock class ( and am very happy with it. I’ll try to get a good picture for you.

Amen to the sewn bindoff! I learned that one after a pair of socks I made for my husband. He wore them twice even with the cuff so tight, and the cuff yarn snapped! I had to redo part of the leg because it had unravelled while he was at work. The sewn bindoff made everything perfect.

Now I’ve done EZ’s sewn off method on the last two pair of toe-up socks, but still they didn’t have as much ease as the cuff down socks that I make. I guess maybe I am hoping for the unattainable. I want to be able to make socks either way and be as equally happy with the results.