Toe up heel help!

I’ve done my short row decreases per pattern instructions. The next step is:
Increasing Short Rows: Work back to next
marker, remove the marker, slip next st, wrap
yarn, replace marker, slip st back to left needle,
turn and knit back giving the yarn a tug on the
first st to prevent holes. Work back and forth in
this manner, adding one more st each turn until
you are working full number of sts on both

Is this actually increasing? It says to wrap yarn, does it mean as you do on the short row decreases, or a yarn over. I’m thoroughly confused!! (first sock ever)

You wouldn’t want a YO there. I think they want you to wrap the slipped stitch and place the marker before you slip it back. So each time you take off the marker, you slip a stitch over and then put the marker on the outside of the slipped stitch, if that makes sense.

Thanks, I ended up doing short rows another way, can’t remember which! I hate doing wraps, I’m half blind ( at least in my own head ) and can’t see the wraps when I go back to them. Anyways, I googled and found another way with no wraps. Got it done, but my gauge was off. Thank goodness this was a learning sock, never intended it to be a pair.