Toe up cast on?

I have thought of knitting toe up socks after doing a few cuff down pairs(I am knitting my first cuff down pair). I find Judy’s Magic Cast On(and thus probably the mobius cast on as well) more difficult than it is worth(the cast on unravels by itself and I would not want to knit into it just to find that the cast on unraveled(this is why I prefer the slip knot long tail over the simple loop long tail only in this case a maximum of 1 stitch would unravel)). So should I just do a crochet chain provisional cast on, pick up stitches leaving a long tail, then join in the round and knit according to the pattern, then after the bind off, unravel the crochet chain and use the long tail to do kitchener stitch?

I tried it with Judy’s for toe up . I’m not sure what you mean by it unravels. It ends up looking very much like a normal row of knitting. It does not unravel. You must’ve done something wrong.

It is basically a provisional onto a needle instead of a piece of scrap yarn or a cable. You knit one needle, turn and knit the other provisional. Then it’s as locked in as any provisional cast on that’s been knitted.

Onto your plan, I’m not following where you would pick up stitches from that you would have to joing and would have to go back and close later. Couldln’t you do just like Judy’s and pick up the provisional stitches and have it be joined and closed already?

FYI - I don’t like Judy’s magic cast on. I prefer turkish cast on. (I recently used it for a doll that I made and I’ve used it for socks.) That said there are many different toe up methods. I know people who use provisional cast on then do the sock. When they’ve reached the cuff they go back and put the provisional cast on stitches on their needles and work the toe then kitchener.

Here’s a few videos of turkish if you’re interested.

There are other closed cast ons that can work for a toe. Jan likes the Turkish cast on and it has me stumped; I never got it work well. There is the Figure 8 cast on. There are others. I think that if you did the crochet cast on and worked into it you could go ahead and remove the waste yarn and work the other side immediately as Mike suggests. For me JMCO works so I’ve not bothered with other methods. I’m sure you can find one you like.