Toe Up cast on over thumb

I have this pattern i got from a charity site and they want me to cast on 12 stiches on two needles. the say the easy method is to hold the 2 needles parallel and CAST ON OVER THUMB 1st on the left and 2nd on the right and so on until there is 12 stiches.

How do you cast on over your thumb?

ps they also tell me to do that as an incr.

Help!! :??

The Backward Loop cast on on this page is what you want.

thanks!!! that helps alot. so i would just do that in between knit stiches the same way or is there another way to increase?

The backward loop is also used to cast on in the middle of something. I wouldn’t use it as an increase unless they said to cast on at the end of a row. If you use it as a regular increase, you’re going to get a hole.

There are lots of alternative increases in the Basic Techniques section above.