Toe-up books?

any one have a great recommendation for a toe-up sock book? i prefer the two circ method…i am also looking for a semi basic book-one with beginner how to as well as a variety of skill level patterns. TIA

A toe up book! I wish! I would buy that for sure. I know Cat Bordhi’s book is for 2 circs but have no idea which way she goes…

A lot of people on KR recommend this one :thumbsup: . I think its just how-to though.

I know this is a noob question (even though I am not a noob, I just don’t really knit socks. Don’t kill me sock lovers! :pout: ). Can you knit two socks toe up on two circs? Now that I think about it, you probably couldn’t, but just checking.

so i bought the socks soar on two circs book. and i cast on my very first sock! it was so easy (but this is just knitting in the round so far… :teehee: ) I will have to post an update when i get to the heel… :cheering:

Of course you can!!!

Check out Silver’s ML Toe up tutorial. It can be easily modified to use 2 circs.

I learned how to do toe up socks from Sensational Knitted Socks…and now there is More Sensational Knitted Socks. I find the first one indespensable, but I haven’t used the second one yet, so I can’t offer an opinion on it. Looks pretty useful though.

vendie those are my next sock books, when i have sucessfuly made at least one pair from socks that soar…lol btw- i love your avatar image. too funny. thats me only i dont stick to just sock yarn i want it all :teehee:

i just went to her paige (thanks for sharing! :heart: ) i think i will order her book…looks great, have you used it?

i just went to her paige (thanks for sharing! Heart ) i think i will order her book…looks great, have you used it?

Not yet its still on my wishlist along with a million other books…