Toe up anklets

Been a long time since I’ve checked in here. (I notice the demise of the toxic open topic forum. LOL.) However I knew when I ran into trouble, I could come back here and some one might be able to help.

Knit Picks recently had a pair a day anklet kit which I thought was really cute so of course I bought it and now I’m stuck on the first instruction. All of the socks start the same way, have the same heel, and only vary with the pattern on the instep so I have to figure something out.

The socks start with casting on 10 stitches using the e loop method. You knit across those stitches, turn your work over and pick up and knit 10 stitches thru the cast on loops. This then creates the top and bottom of the toe. then you increase 1 stitch at the beginning and end of each side of the toe(at this point you can move the stitches to two circs or ml to knit both socks at once) until you have a total of 60 stitches. sounds easy enough.

My problem is no matter how I pick up those stitches from the cast on, I have a rather prominent hole in the toe at the slip knot end of the second row. I’ve asked on the Knit Pick forum, but no one has responded.

Can someone explain what I’m doing wrong or suggest a new cast on? I dont think it would make much difference what CO is used as long as I could increase to the requisite number of stitches. I’ve only done one other pair of toe up socks (lotsa top down) and I used a crocheted cast on: chain, pick up and knit from one side then pick up and knit from the other. Unfortunately, I need to look at pictures in order to do that and I cant find instructions anywhere.

Hopefully some one out there can help. Out of stubbornness, I’d like to be able to master the toe per the instructions. but I’d be willing to concede to stupidity if necessary. Thanks in advance.


I like this cast on for toe up socks:

Could you use the yarn tail to tighten up the hole when you weave in the end?

I found this.

Abby, that was my first thought, but I hate to start out with a blooper. Those holes just annoyed the heck out of me.

btw that link to knitty was really complete. I probably will find something I can use from there.