Toe up ankle socks

I wanted to see if anyone can help me out. I am a beginner knitter and want to knit my first pair of socks. I need a pattern where I can use 2.25 40" circular needles. I found that I don’t like the look of the after thought heel. I want to be able to use the magic loop method.
I will greatly appreciate any help provided :grinning:

Wish i could help but i have never attempted socks. Sorry!

Thank you

I like Silver’s Sock Class as a good beginner (and more experienced knitter too) explanation.
Liat Gat is also very clear and cheery.

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My standard recommendations:
Lifestyle Toe Up Socks - No Swatch Needed with a short row heel, no gusset; and Straight Up Socks with a gusset and Fleegle heel. Your first pair can fit and then you tweak it to fit even better. Both can be done with any yarn, any needles. No swatching is maybe the best part, the toe will tell you if you have enough sts/in and you can even switch to larger or smaller needles as you go.

I made my first pair in worsted weight yarn to get sock knitting out of my system, after all, I couldn’t knit socks. I moved on to working with fingering weight yarn and had already learned a cast on and some of the other things I wasn’t used to came much easier because I’d already done them with bigger needles and thicker yarn. I just finished another pair and will cast on for the next soon. I’m still trying to get sock knitting out of my system. lol

ETA Liat’s pattern’s are good. I learned one of my favorite heels, a faux heel flap, from her pattern for toe up heel flap socks. Good link, salmonmac!

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Thank you, I also need to know how to make it a ankle and no show sock. Do I just stop short of where I want the ribbing to start and how would I make it a no show sock?

GG, that’s a good one too.
Tangles, you’ll need ribbing to keep the sock on but not as many rows as regular socks. Here’s a video for cuff down socks but it gives you an idea for the rows to work for an ankle sock:

and another pattern:

They may not be as short as “no-shows” however.

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I finally found a free pattern for toe up no show socks. Skimmer Socks (No Show Socks) This is a nice pattern IMO because it can be done for narrow feet - the smallest size is only 52 sts.

The pattern specifies Judy’s Magic Cast On but another could be used, such as the Turkish cast on, if preferred. I’ll sub German short rows rather than use wrap and turn.

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Thank you so much :grinning:

Thank you for looking this up for me. I will definitely save and try this one also :grinning:

From what I have been playing around with I don’t really care for the wrap and turn it’s a little confusing to me when I watch someone do it. German short rows seam easier to me.

I like German short rows myself and use them in place of wrap & turn. Shadow wraps are also a nice way to go but the choice for short rows is a personal preference here again.

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You’re welcome for the link. I’ve looked and looked for a pattern like the that and finally found it so I just had to share the good fortune!
IMO W&T short rows are pure evil and extremely ugly. GSR is much better but, like salmonmac says, it’s personal choice. There are versions of heel turn that don’t involve either. For now, whatever pattern you choose it is probably best to stick with it for the most part but do feel free to do the GSR instead of W&T.

I posted this yesterday. I thought. Here it is waiting for me to click reply.

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That’s ok lol, I was wondering how I can take a pattern that uses w&t’s or other methods and substitute them using GSR’s. Do I just start using the GSR method instead when the pattern calls for a wrap and turn?

Here’s a video: Substituting German Short Row for Standard Wrap and Turn Short Row

Basically you knit or purl the stitch that would be wrapped and then do the double stitch thing.

I find that skipping a turn of any sort on the end stitches will almost entirely eliminate any hole every time. Sometimes I work one row less and do whatever I need to do to get the right count on the next round or I will move a stitch on each end of the instep stitches to the heel needle and make sure I mark it so I know to leave it alone, then I can move it back to the other needle if I decide to. Spanning between the two needles seems to be the culprit and while there are ways to close up any gap or hole I prefer prevention. HTH

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Go to YouTube and watch VeryPink’s video on German Short Rows to use instead of W&T. I just tried W&T and am switching to GSR. She has had toe-up socks with GSR. Just watched it today!

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Sorry. I thought I was replying to the comment on wrap & turn.

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I’m confused about what I’m replying to! VeryPink has an excellent video on YouTube for substituting GSRs for W&T. I hope I didn’t say this twice on the same post!

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I love her, I have watched her GSR’s and she was great at showing me how to do it. I want to purchase the pattern for the socks but I have to wait a bit to pay $8.00.

I purchased her pattern for the men’s toe up got so irritated by the w&t’s that I almost threw my knitting across the room! lol

Oh and tonight I was following a toe up with Judy’s cast on and realised that the purl bumps were folding to the outside and the right side was in the fold. I know this isn’t the way it was supposed to be but hey I didn’t have that middle ridge! Lol
And as if my night wasn’t going to get any better I snapped my new 2.25 40" Knitters Prides needles right in half! I guess I had a death grip on them!

Oh God, please give my the strength to survive knitting!! :joy:

Thank you lol