Toe on sock

About how many inches across should the toe be on a toe-up sock?
I attempted to re-start my sock project once again and made it to the three needle part so the toe is done but it looks so small. Oh, this is for me so a size 6 foot.

I’m not sure but why not slip your toes into it and see if it seems ready to start the foot?

I wear a size 7 and usually start with 16 or 20 stitches, depending on the gauge.

sock should be snug. so try it on… and it feels tight, make it bigger… if it feels snug… you’re there!

It feels snug. I’m taking a class and the way this teacher teaches the toe up is done with alot of yarn wraps and then you knit or purl to one stitch before the wrapped etc. etc… And so I wasn’t sure If I read the wraps correctly each time. I just did the best I could.