Toddlers Sweetheart Hat

This is the last hat for Emma. She is doing terrific, btw and may already be in remission or close to it. I took a Debby Mare pattern and changed it a bit and this is what I came up with. The little heart on the topknot, has a bell in it and tinkles when the hat moves.

Awww! Cute one! Glad to hear she’s doing better!

I think I have the original hat in ‘my pictures’. Very sweet hat, it will look so cute on Emma.

:hug: Nonny! Hello! I was thinking about you the other day wondering how everyone is doing. So glad to hear Emma is doing better. She’ll love the hat–:thumbsup:

I guess her last bone marrow biopsys show low low cancer cells so they think they got it all. Amazing the things St Jude does here for Children. It is the one place I know my money goes to and gets used for the children and not office staff and such.

We on the other hand dodged a bullet because we were supposed to be in Houston on Friday to go to a Chicago Cubs game on Sunday! On Thursday afternoon we were packed up and ready to leave at 2 am on Friday. At that time, the hurricane was still between Brownsville and
Corpus Christi with Houston only expecting heavy rains. Around 5 pm they cancelled the Friday game and so we decided not to risk it. Boy were we glad! lol We just went to St Louis for the long weekend and had a good time together there instead. Hopefully, the Astros/Cubs game on the 29th won’t be needed and I will get my money back. I had prepaid my hotel to the tune of $525 and thought I had lost that money, but Hilton is going to refund my money because it was out of our hands.

Oh, yes. St. Jude does such good work with kids. St. Jude and the Humane Society are my two top charities. (What can I say, I have a soft spot for kids and dogs:teehee: )
Glad you dodged the hurricane. Hooray for the Hilton refunding your money. Bummer that you missed the game but maybe you can get World Series tickets later because, you know, the Cubs are going to the Series --I have faith. :woot: Go Cubbies!:woot:

Your lips to God’s ear! lol They are playing well again so I am hoping they clinch it this week and beat Milwaukee tonight and tomorrow night. I even had this made to wear and since we didn’t get to go to the game, I wore it and my Cubs earrings along with my Cubs fingernail tattoos in the hotel room on Sunday when we listened to the game on the radio on Jack’s laptop! :rofl: That was the night Zambrano pitched the no hitter! :yay:

Adorable! Great work! Thanks for sharing! :thumbsup: