Toddlers/baby pants

Hi all,

Been looking on the net for baby pants.

Anyone know of a simple and easy pattern just to give an idea.


When i make toddler pants i do a quick and simple version, depending on your yarn, and the age of the toddler, but lets say worsted CO about 60 - 70 on 4.5mm needles, knit in stocking stitch for the length of the leg. Leave these stitches on a stitch holder and repeat the process, hence making 2. I then usually join these and knit them in the round until i reach the length of the waist, do a purl row on the right side as a folding line, then another inch of stocking, which i fold down and seam the elastic in. Then all you have to do is seam the inner legs.

If you are uncomfortable with knitting in the round, you could do essentially the same thing but knit a front and a back, by knitting half the number of stitches for each leg, and instead of knitting 2legs you knit 4, and have 2 pieces with the legs joined, knitted up to the waist… so you would seam up the sides and the inner leg. If you get me…

You might want to swatch to see what you stitch size is like and whether 70 (35 x 2 if you are doing flat) will be too big, and then adjust from there.

Also, this can then be adjusted to make almost any pattern… start with more stitches and add some decreases down the leg for a flared look, add some short rows in the pants/nappy area for a fitted look, do up some cute pocket flaps, cargo flaps, fake zippers, etc… the options are really limitless, and the cool thing is they are quick.

I hope i’ve been a little help… sorry i can’t post a link, maybe someone else can, but i just do them on the fly.

I’ve made these:

very simple :thumbsup:

There’s also these:

I would leave off the pocket though, because I’m lazy :wink:

My favorite is the Picky Pants pattern. You have to scroll a little to get to it, and it is shown in shorts but the pattern has both pants and shorts options.

do a Google search for “longies pattern” as that is what we call them in the cloth diapering world

Thanks girls.

I think I’ll do a little mimi version first using Amy’s invisible join stitch between the legs and tummy parts.

I don’t knit in the round.

I’ll keep you posted.