Toddler Sweater with Lace Sleeves

This Baby Drops 10-9 made in a 50/50 cotton/acrylic. Size 2. It is for my granddaughter. DD picked the pattern.

Oh, that’s adorable.

Awww! That’s adorable! I just love the color!

Very pretty! I’m sure she’ll LOVE it! :inlove:


Very pretty!

cute! cute! cute! some lucky little one is gonna love it!

Precious! Love the color too.

Adorable! Wonderful color, Judy! Oh my, your little granddaughter is getting bigger and bigger! This looks to be toddler size, yes?

ArtLady, yes, this is will fit a toddler. This is a size 2 year and is supposed to be 26" in the chest I think. Seems a bit large for a 2 year old. My granddaughter will be 3 in Oct. and I made it for her. She is a tiny thing though and her brother who was 1 in May is only 1" smaller in both chest size and arm length. I think mine turned out just a tad wider as well. I think my gauge was good but somehow adding knitted on bands seems to make my things turn out bigger. I believe the patterns came in sizes both smaller and larger than this one.

Thanks for the comments.

That is SO cute! I just love the color!!

Awwww!! It’s adorable!! Will have to make my DGD one!!

The sweater is so cute! I have found that you can’t depend on the sizes in any patterns.

[COLOR=Purple][B][SIZE=4]That’s [I]really[/I] nice![/SIZE][/B][/COLOR] :yay:

I love it!! What a cute sweater, and you do beautiful work-your DGD will look so lovely in it :heart: