Toddler sweater too big - gauge problem!

Hi - I am about half way through knitting the back of Zoe Mellor’s Little Star sweater and having measured it I am v disappointed to discover that my gauge is off (I know, didn’t knit a swatch, my own fault!!). I did get the feeling as I was going along that it was a bit loose and lo and behold it is going to end up too big if I carry on so am going to frog back to the ribbing and start again. :crying:

My question is this - should I just try to knit more tightly on the same needles (3 3/4 mm as suggested) or should I try smaller needles and knit the same?

This is only my 3rd project (lovely baby cardi first, which actually went quite well and a sock which has started what I fear will become a full-on addiction) so I am pretty rubbish still - I have a nasty feeling the answer will be to swatch until I get the tension right - hope not!!!

Grateful for any and all advice!

You can do a swatch, but if you don’t want to the Knitting Police won’t show up at your door. Since it’s a toddler sweater, and the kids change size, exact fit may not be an issue.

I wouldn’t try to knit tighter because you’d have to be conscious of knitting tighter all the time. If your mind wanders and you relax a bit, your going to have varying tension. I’d go with the smaller needles.

Better too large than too small. For kids, it’s a waste of time to attempt knitting to fit exactly. I prefer to knit so they can grow into an item.

yep- I knit that sweater, and the body came out big, and the arms seemed short but on my DD they were not. I’d also agree to go down a needle size, I am horrible at adjusting my tension.

thanks everyone - think will give the smaller needles a try.

thanks again!