Toddler sweater sleeves looks stiff

Just finished sewing the sleeves up, still need to add the collar but my sleeves look stiff… I followed all the directions and im using the same yarn as the pattern used, but the sleeves stick out imstead of falling to the side…
Is there any way to fix this? Maybe put it in the wash ?

Its looks really bad :teehee:

Washing according to the yarn label instructions may well relax the yarn. The fact that the sleeves stick out isn’t so much of a problem. Toddler arms are still short and so the sleeves aren’t very long in relation to the body.

Is the knit fabric itself stiff? Are you knitting at a tighter gauge? Which yarn are you using?

The sleeves in the pictures for the pattern seem to look normal and theyre worked with the same fabric so i dont think its that… Not sure if my stitches are too tight… it never gets uncomfortable to knit them, so ive assumed i knit loose enough.
The yarn is called “patons shetland chunky tweeds” and it is a bulky weight yarn, so maybe i should have knit it sort of loosely.
I think ill try washing it and if i cant get myself to be okay with the way it looks ill take the sleeves apart and redo :cry:

Sleeves facing down:

Washing is a good first step. The yarn is machine washable.

Don’t try to knit more loosely. It’s better to go to a larger size needle if you need to adjust the gauge to fewer sts/inch. It looks like your gauge is good although it’s not easy to tell from a photo. The sweater looks marvelous and the colors are so soft.

Ill try that. Thank you so much